Areas of Services

PJS Security systems Area of Services consist of the following industries:

Industrial: Warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants

Commercial: Supermarkets, retail stores, specialty and boutique shops, shopping malls, hotels, inns, night clubs, gymnasiums, gas stations, and sporting arenas

Government & Infrastructure: City halls, museums, national galleries, libraries, court houses, police stations, and other government installations

Educational Facilities: Colleges and universities, kindergartens, elementary and high/secondary schools

Health Care and Sciences: Hospitals, retirement homes, health centers, laboratories and diagnostic centers

Detention Facilities: Lock up facilities, penitentiaries and holding centers

Transportation Services: Buses and transit stations

Financial Institutions: Cash marts, commercial and community banks

Residential: Primary, vacation, and rental houses, apartment and condominium Complexes

Place of Worship: Churches, synagogues, mosques and temples