VIDEO Surveillance Security Services

A professionally installed PJS Security video surveillance system for your business offers you peace of mind.  Monitor in real time, or review post event, conveniently on a supported smartphone, tablet, or PC from almost anywhere in the world.   Keep a sharp eye on the activities in your business with a PJS security system!   PJS Security Systems monitor for theft, fire, high water, temperature, carbon monoxide, and more.

PJS security system packages are tailor-made to suit our client’s needs and budget; and come complete with professional installation including the essentials to protect your home.

Our Packages are available for both hard wired, and wireless installation.

Benefits of Business Video Surveillance:

  • Remotely monitor activity in the workplace in real time
  • Improve Productivity of employees
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for your customers and employees
  • Reduce theft, loss, and vandalism
  • Capture and store suspicious activity at your workplace
  • Can be used to verify intrusion alarms